Cooking Schools in Eastern Europe

In the recent years, more and more students from all over the globe chose Eastern European countries as a place to live and study. The reasons for this choice are related to the high quality of the education, lower living costs, lower tuition fees, multicultural environment in the universities, and many more.

This tendency also applies to the students, willing to study in an international cooking school. The countries from Eastern Europe may not be so popular destinations as France or Italy, but there are definitely many great international cooking schools here as well.

The first university in Central and Eastern Europe, which has introduced contemporary Culinary Arts Education, is Varna University of Management, through its Culinary Arts Institute.

The University is located in the beautiful Bulgarian resort Varna, located at the west coast of the Black Sea. With its amazing beaches, hospitable and friendly people, nice weather, and multicultural environment Varna is a great place to study in a cooking school.

The classes here are taught completely in English, but every student who would like to study the local language can attend free Bulgarian lessons.

The environment at the University is extremely multinational and diverse. The students here are from 50 different countries. The communication, brainstorming, and exchange of tips and ideas between the students add up to the high-quality classes and develop further the know-how and the competences of the students.

The cooking education in Varna University of Management has started eight years ago, but now it has a new unique concept, new premises, and a great team of world-class professionals. The brand new internships programs help students to receive valuable experience, working in amazing restaurants all over the world. And most of the restaurants in the internship program are with Michelin Stars! For example, in 2017 95% of the students went to internships in Michelin Star restaurants. The internships are in countries such as France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, etc. This study program gives students the chance to work with some of the world’s best professionals and chefs, to acquire exceptional experience in high-categorized restaurants, and to work in restaurants with Michelin Stars.

The Hospitality and Culinary Arts Bachelors program, which is offered in the professional settlement of Varna University of Management, is the only program in Eastern Europe, allowing acquisition of higher education in the field of Culinary Arts and Hospitality. The program combines theoretical and practical training and provides an important know-how to the students.

After the successful end of the studies, the students receive a double Bulgarian-UK degree. A Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Culinary Arts is issued by Varna University of Management. Its UK partner Cardiff Metropolitan University awards to the students British Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Management.

Regardless of whether your dream is to be a chef, restaurant manager, entrepreneur, business consultant or sommelier, at Varna University of Management, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience, necessary to stand out.


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