Business Universities in Eastern Europe

Business graduates are in high demand worldwide. The business-related education prepares the students for many important aspects of the contemporary society. Careers with a business degree are often highly paid, interesting, and motivating.

As a consequence of the great career opportunities, business and business-related subjects (such as Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Management) are some of the most popular at universities worldwide.

The countries in Eastern Europe are one of the fastest growing economies in the world in the last decades. Business schools from Eastern Europe are becoming increasingly popular for both local and international students.

The most valuable benefit of studying at a regional business university in Eastern Europe is the provided combination between the business education model accepted in Western Europe, which is adopted here, and the inclusion in the study program of specifics and case studies from the developing economies. In the business universities in Eastern Europe, the students can profit from the local knowledge and background and develop specific skills required within business orientate companies operating in emerging markets and multinational companies. And while in Western Europe and North America the main part of the education in the business universities provides knowledge applicable specifically to the countries in these regions, the Eastern European universities add to this knowledge important local know-how, which is difficult to gain elsewhere.

One of the general weaknesses in the business-related education in Eastern Europe is that many of the business universities in the region do not focus on practical experience, field trips, meetings with top professionals, and internships.

However, there are plenty of world-class business universities in this part of the globe, which have overcome these weaknesses. An example of such university is Varna University of Management, located in Varna, Bulgaria.

Varna University of Management is with highly international orientation. About 30% of the students here come from abroad. The scientific achievements and innovative curriculum here can guarantee an advanced base of both practical and theoretical skills and knowledge. At this University you can specialize your business studies in Management, Marketing, HR, Business Administration, Finance, and Trade.

The studies in Varna University of Management are dynamic and are held in a highly multicultural environment. They promote freedom of expression, diversity, and creativity of the students. In order to develop a different point of view and boost student’s creativity, the University offers plenty of opportunities for one or two semesters exchange and field trips to different points of the world.

Keeping the lecturers in the long-term, developing its academicians, and supporting their professional growth makes Varna University of Management so unique and visionary. Many of the lecturers here are still working in their fields, so they are teaching up-to-date real – life business know-how.

They are pioneers not only for this part of Europe, but for the entire continent, in fields such as Оrganizational Behavior, Мarketing, Hospitality and Tourism, Cultural Differences, and a number of other business orientate and social sciences.

The students are provided with various opportunities for internships and work.


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