Business Schools in Europe

The business schools in Europe are gaining ground on their US competitors. Cheaper fees, shorter study periods, and international student bodies are only a few of the reasons that led to a surge in the number of applicants at European Business Schools over the past year.

There are so many Business Schools in Europe that will help you stand out and will benefit to your career, that it is really hard to select one.

And while the top Business Schools in France or the United Kingdom will cost you a fortune because of the high fees and the high cost of living in these countries, there are many brilliant business schools in other European countries providing affordable world-class education. One of these schools is The School of Business and Marketing, part of  Varna University of Management.

Varna University of Management is located in Varna, Bulgaria. The University offers to its students top-quality education in a motivating multicultural environment. It is located in a beautiful town, a famous summer resort, attracting tourist from all over the world with its nice weather, friendly citizens, long sandy beaches, and warm sea waters.

The School of Business and Marketing, part of Varna University of Management, stands out with scientific achievements, innovative curriculum, scientific success, and dedicated lecturers.

The School is with highly international orientation and the students here are from more than 40 countries. Nearly one-third of the students here are from abroad.

The school offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, which guarantee a wide array of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The education is completely in English.

Varna University of Management has double-degree agreements with Cardiff Metropolitan University – United Kingdom. The students in Varna graduate with a double degree, highly respected by the employers worldwide. And there is no need to spend a year in the United Kingdom, the entire course of the education can be held in Varna.

The School of Business and Marketing, part of Varna University of Management, has a highly professional team of practitioners and academics, nationally and internationally recognized. Some of them are still working in their fields and are providing up to date business orientated practical knowledge to their students.

The prestigious EDUNIVERSAL ranking system has given high marks for the University. It won three Palmes of Excellence. The award is given for being a top business university with increasing international influence.

The MBA program of the Varna University of Management is on the 7th place in Eastern Europe for the Best Master’s Degree.

The University is a top performer in a number of criteria according to U-Multirank – another prestigious ranking system of the universities worldwide. The top performing criteria for the University are:

  • International orientation;
  • Foreign language programs;
  • Graduating on time;
  • Mobility of Students;
  • Opportunity to study abroad;
  • Quality of courses and teaching;
  • Research publications;
  • Student internships in the region.

Based on the General Performance Criterion, the school of Business Management is rated by U-Multirank as one of the 40 best business schools in Eastern and Central Europe.


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