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University is the place that changes lives. It gives the opportunity to fall in love with learning, to develop lifetime connections and to find out what you want to do. VUM students have a flying start of their professional life, thanks to the essential skills, received during their industry internships and the university's multicultural environment.

We believe that university education should be accessible to the brightest students regardless of their background. Help us give chance to every student with the qualities to succeed! Your donations, combined with those of others, make a significant and immediate impact on the future of these bright young minds who cannot afford our university.

Lack of funding is the most common reason for students to give up on enrolling in the upcoming academic year and/or to withdraw their application. The University is ready to support each talented student regardless of their background, ethnicity, age, sex, country of origin,religion, race. Talent knows no borders. We welcome all donations of any amount.
Here you will be able to join some of our campaigns that support Varna University of Management students.

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Did you know that . .

The total cost of a first-year undergraduate student’s education, housing and living expenses can reach 5400 Euro and the cost for an international first-year undergraduate student can reach 6800 Euro.*

* Estimated averages based on 2015 figures.

All of our partner companies receive complimentary promotion by VUM online and on relevant advertising materials, along with presenting them as scholarship partners to local and regional media. The partner company should share information about our scholarship program on their company website and promote it through their online and offline channels.

Follow this link to read more about the VUM Scholarship Fund and its contributors.

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