–       Graduated in 2019

–       Senior Software Engineer at Becton Dickinson Research Center Ireland

Embarking on my BSc in Software Engineering at Varna University of Management (VUM) without any initial knowledge, I navigated through a journey filled with both obstacles and triumphs

The program excels by deeply covering the software development lifecycle, preparing participants for full-stack and AI development, project management, and software testing. It provides in-depth education in various programming languages and technologies, establishing a solid foundation for aspiring tech professionals. I’m deeply thankful for the lecturers’ constant support and readiness to answer any of my questions helping me to swiftly grasp the materials, which allowed me to hit the ground running.

Throughout my six years in the tech industry, I frequently encounter real-world challenges similar to those I studied at VUM. This experience highlights the comprehensive and practical knowledge I gained from the Software Engineering program, which has been crucial for my professional advancement and achievements.