Д-р Ина Станоева

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📜 Marketing research
📜 Marketing communications
📜 Project management
📜 Business environment



Ace. Dr. Ina Stanoeva

She is a lecturer in disciplines in the field of marketing and management. He has a doctorate in Social Management, a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Management and specializations in Journalism and Pedagogy. He speaks Bulgarian, English, Italian, Russian and Spanish. She worked for four months in the United States. He has 30 publications in the field of management and marketing of the performing arts, management of luxury and fashion companies, etc., published in Bulgaria and abroad. He is a reviewer in two scientific journals. He likes to teach students from different countries and get to know their cultures. Her research interests are in the field of management and marketing of art organizations, management of fashion and luxury companies, media and educational management.


🎓 Doctor of Social Management, University of Economics – Varna, 2015
🎓 Master of Management, University of Economics – Varna, 2009
🎓 Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Economics – Varna, 2008
🎓 Professional qualification in Journalism, University of Economics – Varna, 2011
🎓 Professional qualification in Pedagogy, Varna University of Management – Sofia, 2016

Distinctions and awards and memberships

✔️ Strategy for development of a small family hotel – May 2007, first prize in the review of Student research / co-authored /
✔️ Opportunities for survival of Bulgarian theaters in crisis – May 2009, First Prize in the review of Student Research / Masters /
✔️ Finalist in the “Mission Success” 2014 competition of Unicredit Bulbank, L’Oreal and Cosmopolitan magazine


✔️ Member of the Ethics Committee at the University of Economics – Varna / 2011-2014 /
✔️ Member of the General Assembly of the Faculty of Management / 2010-2014 /
✔️ Editor in “University Gazette” – published by the University of Economics – Varna / 2005-2007 

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