Bachelor’s Degree Culinary Arts

Culinary arts are becoming increasingly popular not only among the general public but also among young people. More and more often we come across a variety of courses, teaching different culinary techniques. Along with them, there are specialized culinary schools where future chefs acquire their professional qualification.

You can attend different culinary courses and lessons, but if you dream of a successful and exciting career as a chef, a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts will give it a flying start.

Bachelor’s degrees in Culinary Arts are taught in many international universities across the globe. The training in the universities is done by highly qualified lecturers, providing their students with know-how in various culinary areas, management, and business. Many of these universities have their own restaurants where the next generation of chefs is trained. Visitors can enjoy dishes from local and foreign cuisine. And many of these schools partner with high-class restaurants, where the students participate in internships and master their skills.

Some of the culinary academies allow their students to gain an international experience by providing practice in world-famous restaurants, hotels, and tourist sites. Often, after the internship, students are hired in reputable restaurants and hotels.

Upon completion of their education, the young chefs are able to prepare refined dishes for their clients, make menus and allocate the necessary products, skillfully combining beverages and foods. They are valuable employees for the restaurants all over the world.

There are culinary art schools all over the world. There are an increasing number of universities where you can receive an education with a Bachelor’s degree. But you have to choose the place you are going to study carefully – the last thing you want to do is waste money and time on a degree that won’t be taken seriously by the employers. So double check if the selected school has proper accreditation and good reputation before you apply.

One of the best East European Universities, where you can receive a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts is Varna University of Management, located in Bulgaria.

The University was the first one in Eastern and Central Europe to introduce contemporary Culinary Arts Education 8 years ago. Currently, the Culinary Studies have received a fresh start with new premises and new unique concept.

Varna University of Management is a great example of a culinary school, providing high-quality culinary arts education. There you will master your practical and theoretical skills on culinary.

This school offers internships that will be a great start to your career as a chef.

Here you can choose between two Bachelor’s degrees – Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

The Bachelor’s degrees in Varna University of Management are accredited. In fact, each student receives a double degree –from the University in Varna and its British partner – Cardiff Metropolitan University. Classes are taught in English by professionals in culinary arts with different experience and background. The students receive world-class education and have the opportunity to take an internship in restaurants with Michelin star.


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