The International Finance and Trade Bachelor Degree Programme at VUM aims to develop highly qualified financial professionals with strategic thinking, vision and approach to the world of today's market economy.

Varna University of Management (VUM) is one of the leading educational institutions offering an International Banking and Finance Programme in Bulgaria. The educational program is fully delivered in English and leads to the award of Bulgarian Bachelor's degree from VUM.

The Programme provides an in-depth understanding of key financial management methods, which is essential for taking effective organizational decisions. Along with important theoretical knowledge in finance, accounting, marketing, management and economics, students receive professional training in areas such as risk management, financial markets, valuation of investments and shareholders, management of personal and corporate finance, international accounting, international trade and more.

VUM has an extensive and sophisticated network of more than 200 active academic partners, where our students can carry out their obligatory practical training. Thus, they get a real opportunity to create contacts, gain skills and experience in a real environment and lay the foundations for their successful business realization.


The courses are taught entirely in English. Classes are small and encourage crosscultural dialogue and personal connections.

Location of study


Language of instruction


Start date


Duration of study

4 years (8 semesters)

Admission requirements
The admission process follows several easy and clear steps for the admission of candidates. The basic requirements for the students are high motivation, good results of their High School diploma and strong command of English language.
Varna University of Management follows strictly the Rules and Regulations issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.


International Finance and Trade is a full-time programme with the following modules:

Year One
• Economics (10 ECTS)
• Accounting (5 ECTS)
• Business communications (5 ECTS)
• Management (5 ECTS)
• Research and statistics (5 ECTS)
• Information technologies (5 ECTS)
• Marketing and business environment (10 ECTS)
• Finance (5 ECTS)
• English (5 ECTS)
• Second foreign language (5 ECTS)
• Sports
• Summer internship I (10 ECTS)

Year Two
• International Trade (5 ECTS)
• Financial analysis instruments (10 ECTS)
• Financial reporting (5 ECTS)
• Entrepreneurship and Project Management (5 ECTS)
• Personal Finance (10 ECTS)
• Managerial Accounting (5 ECTS)
• English for Business (5 ECTS)
• Second Foreign Language (5 ECTS)
• Sports
• Summer internship II (10 ECTS)

Year Three
• Strategic Management (10 ECTS)
• Corporate Finance (10 ECTS)
• Leadership and Change Management (10 ECTS)
• English for Business (10 ECTS)
• Second Foreign Language (10 ECTS)
• Sports

Year Four
• Financial Markets and Institutions (10 ECTS)
• Behavioural Finance (10 ECTS)
• International Accounting (10 ECTS)
• International Financial Management (10 ECTS)
• Sports
• Diploma project (10 ECTS)
• Diploma seminar
• Career Development (5 ECTS)
• Business Operations and Planning (5 ECTS)
• Introduction to Commercial Law (5 ECTS)
• Risk Management (5 ECTS)
• Corporate and social responsibility (5 ECTS)
• Social entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)
• Sustainable development (5 ECTS)
• Investment Management (5 ECTS)
• International and Global Marketing (5 ECTS)
• Business ethics in a Global aspect (5 ECTS)
• Financial management of Projects (5 ECTS)
• Global Markets Trends (5 ECTS)
• Revenue Management (5 ECTS)

*The elective modules and the second foreign language module are offered when requested by a certain number of students.
Optional disciplines give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in different fields of study in accordance with their interests. The study of optional disciplines is not compulsory. Once chosen, however, they become compulsory.
• Agrotourism (5 ECTS)
• Introduction to Agribusiness (5 ECTS)
• E- Business in the Agrarian Sector (5 ECTS)
• Crop Production (5 ECTS)
• Management Consulting in Agribusiness (5 ECTS)
• Robonomics (5 ECTS)
• Next foreign language (5 ECTS)
• Underwater Cultural Heritage (5 ECTS)
• Ethnology (5 ECTS)
• Folklore (5 ECTS)
• Marine Biology (5 ECTS)


There are many benefits of studying in the International Banking and Finance Bachelor’s Degree Programme and the most significant one is the numerous career opportunities, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Obtaining degree in this programme gives the opportunity for professional realization as financial specialist, analyst and manager in banks, financial institutions, accounting houses, financial departments of leading Bulgarian and foreign companies.

At VUM we prepare our students for the highly competitive global labour market and provide them with practical advice and expertise. VUM maintains excellent contacts with business partners in Bulgaria, Europe, the USA, and more, thanks to which our graduates have the opportunity to spend up their practical training and to successfully start their career in various partner institutions and organizations all over the world.