Step 1

It all starts with deciding which field you would like to work within, what profession would suit you the most, what sector of economics you would like to develop at, which type of company would match you the most. Which country should I start my career at?

Step 2

Once you answer all of the above-mentioned questions, make sure you go ahead and check the requirements of specific job openings of the top 5 companies matching your requirements from step 1. Then read carefully the information shared on the career pages of their websites, you may go a step further and search for their ex or current employees on the social platforms like linkedin and see what they studies, how they present themselves, what they have worked before joining a certain company.

Step 3

Network! Make sure you not only share selfies on facebook, but also start building your personal brand the way how you want your future boss and employer to see you. Share views, comment on views shared on professional forums, connect with professionals who have developed successful career in the certain field, visit not only career and education events, but professional events on topics which are trendy in the professional field you have chosen.

Step 4

Choose the best university not worldwide but in your region. Make sure you choose a smaller but with expertise in a certain field. The university of top choice must be recognized in its geographic region and for its achievements within a specific field not in all fields and all regions this does not make a difference! This way you not only develop a different and special point of view but you also have the chance to meet through your lecturers and guest lecturers, academic advisers and colleagues the leaders in your field of interest and build contacts. This way you develop your social capital – a key to a prompt career growth.



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