Studying at VUM means joining a trip towards transforming your way of thinking and towards a successful career with a flying start!

Varna University of Management (VUM) is one of the leading educational institutions offering a Business Administration program in Bulgaria. The educational program is fully delivered in English and lead to the award of two degrees - one from VUM and a second one from our strategic academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK.

The Business Administration Bachelor’s degree program prepares professionals in the field of administration, management, team organization and management, planning and controlling of processes, tasks and projects. Students acquire important theoretical knowledge in economics, management, marketing, law, finance and accounting as well as practical skills such as leadership, conflict management, organizational behavior, working with modern information systems and many others.

Problem-based and case-based learning techniques that we apply during the course of education are related to the actual business practice. In other words, our goal is to develop student’s ability to think critically and to analyze all functional areas of business in different institutional and organizational contexts. By the end of the course our students are ready to  be entrepreneurs with a strong knowledge in the field of business administration, rich intercultural awareness and innovative thinking, who are  prepared to contribute to positive changes in the business environment.

VUM has an extensive and sophisticated network of partners, where our students can carry out their obligatory practical training. Thus, they get a real opportunity to create contacts, gain skills and experience in a real environment and lay the foundations for their future successful business realization.


The courses are taught entirely in English. Classes are small and encourage crosscultural dialogue and personal connections. As a leading business school in Eastern Europe, VUM has the exceptional privilege to educate students from start to graduation in programmes leading to Cardiff Metropolitan University’s British degree. And this is without the usual requirement for students to spend a year in the UK. VUM students follow a synchronized curriculum with Cardiff Metropolitan University and have to meet the same high standards in learning and examinations.

Location of study

Varna/ Sofia/ Dobrich

Language of instruction


Start date


Duration of study

3 years (6 semesters)

Scholarships, tuition fees and student loans
Detailed information on scholarship opportunities, semester fees and student loans
Admission requirements
The admission process follows several easy and clear steps for the admission of candidates. The basic requirements for the students are high motivation, good results of their High School diploma and strong command of English language. Varna University of Management follows strictly the Rules and Regulations issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Program is a full-time program. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday, combining theory with practical sessions.

Year One
• Economics (10 ECTS)
• Accounting (5 ECTS)
• Business communications (5 ECTS)
• Management (5 ECTS)
• Research and statistics (5 ECTS)
• Information technologies (5 ECTS)
• Marketing and business environment (10 ECTS)
• Finance (5 ECTS)
• English (5 ECTS)
• Second foreign language (5 ECTS)
• Sports
• Summer internship I (10 ECTS)

Year Two
• Human Resource Management (5 ECTS)
• Organisational Behaviour (10 ECTS)
• Marketing research (5 ECTS)
• Entrepreneurship and project management (5 ECTS)
• Intercultural awareness for business (10 ECTS)
• Managerial accounting (5 ECTS)
• English (5 ECTS)
• Second foreign language (5 ECTS)
• Sports
• Summer internship II (10 ECTS)

Year Three
• Strategic management (10 ECTS)
• Leadership and change management (10 ECTS)
• English (5 ECTS)
• Second foreign language (5 ECTS)
• Sports
• Diploma project (10 ECTS)
• Diploma seminar
• International commerce (5 ECTS)
• Employability (5 ECTS)
• Fundamentals of commercial law (5 ECTS)
• Marketing communications (5 ECTS)
• Corporate social responsibility (5 ECTS)
• Social entrepreneurship (5 ECTS)
• Sustainable development (5 ECTS)
• Finance management (10 ECTS)
• Investment management (10 ECTS)
• International and global marketing (10 ECTS)
• Brand management (10 ECTS)

* The elective modules are offered when requested by a certain number of students.
Optional disciplines give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in different fields of study in accordance with their interests. The study of optional disciplines is not compulsory. Once chosen, however, they become compulsory.

• Agrotourism (5 ECTS)
• Introduction to Agribusiness (5 ECTS)
• E- Business in the Agrarian Sector (5 ECTS)
• Crop Production (5 ECTS)
• Management Consulting in Agribusiness (5 ECTS)
• Computer Networks (5 ECTS)
• Business Applications (5 ECTS)
• Introduction to Multimedia Applications and Internet (5 ECTS)
• Robonomics (5 ECTS)
• Next foreign language (5 ECTS)
• Underwater Cultural Heritage (5 ECTS)
• Ethnology (5 ECTS)
• Folklore (5 ECTS)
• Marine Biology (5 ECTS)
The students in the Business Administration Program have the opportunity to specialize in one of the following pathways:

• Finance
• International Business Management
• Marketing
• Human Resource Management
• Strategy and Enterprise
• Information Systems Management
• Law
• Retail Management
• Economics

* The specialization pathways are offered when requested by a certain number of students.


There are many benefits of studying in the Business Administration Program and the most significant one is the numerous career opportunities for professionals in many sectors, including commerce, education, government and private business and others.

Our graduates have a successful career in a wide range of organizations, companies and institutions, both in Bulgaria and abroad. As well as managers in business and non-profit organizations, our students are also prepared to cope with the challenges of private entrepreneurship, to create, manage and develop profitable own businesses.

At VUM we prepare our students for the highly competitive global labour market and provide them with practical advice and expertise. VUM maintains excellent contacts with business partners in Bulgaria, Europe, the USA, and more, thanks to which our graduates have the opportunity to spend up their practical training and to successfully start their career in various partner institutions and organizations all over the world.

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