Atanas Raykov CEO Viber Central and Eastern Europe.mov_snapshot_00.08_[2016.02.18_17.39.24]Atanas Raykov, General Manager CEE at Viber:

Success means caring about your clients

‘I am the youngest general manager of Viber, the only Group Director of the company that doesn’t work at the central office, but works in a small Eastern European country – Bulgaria. However, this is nоt success, it is a responsibility. Success means taking care of your millions of customers so that they are happy as well as giving them more value every day. Success means developing products while thinking about society and about in what ways the product could help each person’, commented Atanas Raykov, General Manager CEE at Viber, in a special message to all VUM students on the occasion of the ‘Let Success Become a Habit’ event.

‘What you need to focus on at the start of your career or when founding a company, is defining what success will mean in your future life’, added Mr. Raykov.

During the two-day conference ‘Let Success Become a Habit’ successful Bulgarian entrepreneurs shared their best practices in the field of tourism and online businesses. The event was organized by Varna University of Management with the support of and the co-working space Beehive.



Varna, Bulgaria

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