Assoc. Prof. dr. Todor Radev

Rector of the Varna University of Management

Member of the Supreme Statistical Council of Bulgaria Member of the club council, Club “Economy 2000”

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Academic degrees:

🎓 Doctor of Economics, Scientific degree “Associate Professor”, Institute of Economics, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1990.

🎓 Doctor of Economics, Institute of Economics, BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1990.

🎓 Master’s degree in Political Economy, St. Petersburg University, Russia, 1980.

🎓 Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sociology, University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1976

🎓 Courses of teaching in Bulgarian and English:

🎓 Economics

🎓 Business environment

🎓 Human resources

Research field

✔️ Economy and socio-economic situations

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