Affordable MBA Programs in Eastern Europe

Considering the finely articulated educational system, diversity, multicultural environment, and abundant resources, it is not surprising that Europe is one of the most desired study abroad destinations for many students across the world.

Over the years, the European business schools have built up a strong reputation in terms of excellent education. But a big concern of many prospective MBA applicants is the high cost of the MBA programs. Many MBA programs, especially such with international accreditation, are quite expensive. Not to mention that many of the accredited MBA programs in Europe are located in big cities, where the cost of living can add significantly to the overall expenses.

But you can still find affordable MBA programs in Europe, providing internationally recognized world-class education to their students.

With tens of cities and great universities to choose from, you will definitely find what you are searching for, but it would be quite a difficult task.

To make the process more effective and simple, you can start with a comparison between Western and Eastern Europe. The countries from the western part of the continent are definitely wealthier and hence, the living costs are greater. The Eastern part of Europe offers amazing educational opportunities at reasonable prices.

So if you are searching for an affordable MBA programs Eastern Europe can provide you world-class education with much lower expenses.

Varna University of Management is a top choice for getting your MBA degree. It is located in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, in the beautiful city of Varna. The education here is entirely in English.

Classes are small. About 30% of the students are from abroad and the University encourages cross-cultural dialogue and personal connections.

Varna University of Management is not only a top business school in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, it has also gained the trust of Cardiff Metropolitan University – United Kingdom and awards double degrees. The entire educational process is held in Bulgaria and the double degree is awarded without the usual requirement for students to spend a year in the partnering university in the United Kingdom. Varna University of Management and Cardiff Metropolitan University double degree is recognized as a seal of world-class education and is highly respected by the employers worldwide.

Varna University of Management keeps the tuition fees as low as possible. Together with business entrepreneurs and owners, the University has introduced a number of scholarship – admissions scholarship, scholarship for excellent results, scholarship for extracurricular or sports achievements. The scholarships for students, showing good results are up to 1000 EUR per semester.

If you are a citizen of the European Union or the European Economic Area, and you are applying for an MBA in Varna University of Management, you can apply for a low interest Student’s Loan, guaranteed by the Republic of Bulgaria.

The tuition fee for the MBA in Varna University of Management is 5850 Euro for the entire course of study (3 semesters). Together with the low cost of living in Bulgaria, the low tuition fee makes this one of the best affordable MBA programs in Eastern Europe. The payment is in installments scheme to facilitate the committed to success future business leaders obtain the desired degree.


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