Lecturer in the following programmes: Software Systems and Technologies

Email: nikolay.raychev@vumk.eu

Assoc. prof. Nikolay Raychev is an expert in the field of software engineering (SE). Within the period of 1997-2019 he has held different positions in the field of SE, such as software engineer, software architect, CIO, CTO, Software engineering director, professor, author and consultant, focused on software engineering issues.

Academic Degrees:

PhD in “Computer systems, complexes and networks “, Technical University, Varna, Bulgaria

Programming languages:

Basic in Haskell, OCaml, Scala, Erlang, Scheme. Fluent in PHP, Python (numpy, scikit-klearn, pandas), Java, C++, C#, Objective-C, jQuery, SQL, NoSQL.


Data Collection and Data Cloud Visualization, SOA, DBMS, ETL, ODBC, Database replication, BI, Monitoring, Reporting, Analytics; File, Application & System Cloning Systems; Cryptography, Security, Digital Signature, PKI; Network Discovery, VLAN; UI, Diagramming tools; Source Control & Change Management Systems.


His research focuses on Software Engineering, Computing, Quantum Computing, Quantum Information and Quantum Algorithms.

Teaching modules:

Software Design
Mathematics for Computing
Data & Knowledge Management

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