Lecturer in the following programmes: IHM, IBM и ITM

Email: irina.petkova@vumk.eu

Academic Degrees:

Master degree in „Product Technology for Catering “, VIHVP, Plovdiv

Teaching Modules:

International Food and Beverage Management
Conferences, Exhibitions and Corporate Events
Human Resource Management
Hotel Software
Hotel Practice
Summer Internship
International Food and Beverage Management

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Development of didactical skills of the modern professional in tourism article, VUM Yearbook, 2014
Participation in the following presentations, conferences and seminars:
IP Gastronomic heritage tourism, April 2014, Vilnius, Litva, presentation on topic: “ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM INDUSTRY”
National Conference “Culinary and hospitality – factor for successful tourism development”, February 2014, Dobrich, presentation topic “Trends in the F&B Business”.
Limerick Institute of Technology, January 2004, Limerik, Ireland – presentation on topic “Event Management”

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