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The newly built premises of VUM in Varna are equipped with modern facilities and feature contemporary business environment. The building is located in the center of the city. It features cozy atmosphere, 4 floors of classrooms and learning areas spread on an area of over 3000 square meters.

The second campus of VUM is located approximately 50 km away, in the city of Dobrich. Classrooms and lecture auditoriums with more than 1 000 seats in total are spread over an area of around 50 000 square metres and feature modern equipment for studying and practical training. Larger study rooms and lecture auditoriums accommodate 100, 60, 40 or 30 students each. Problem-Based Learning sessions and Case-Based Learning sessions, as well as language classes, take place in smaller classrooms suitable for 20 students.


There are open access computers based in our Library and Information complex. We have technology support desk providing expert assistance. The student portal is a web-based central point of information for all students, accessible via any internet browser. There are facilities allowing connection of personal Wi-Fi devices to internet resources using the Varna University of Management wireless network.




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