One of the newest programmes at Varna University of Management, Software Engineering, has established the university as a leading in the field and as an “incubator” for highly qualified software engineers in just 3 years.

We prepared a series of interviews with graduates and alumni of VUM with the purpose to introduce in detail some of the most successful Software Engineering Programme graduates of Varna University of Management, sharing why they chose this profession, what their VUM student’s time has contributed to their career path and other curious details.

Now, we would like to present to you Mr. Yordan Ivanov, Class 2018 of VUM, currently holding the position of Development Manager at The Stars Group.

Please, introduce yourself and share with us what you do/where you work now?

Hi, my name is Yordan Ivanov and I work for The Stars Group as a development manager. Among our most popular brands are PokerStars, FullTilt, FoxBet. At Stars I am responsible for leading a team of highly skilled software engineers who are developing our own global sportsbook and trading platform.

What made you choose Software engineering as a profession?

I was fascinated by computers since my 1st grade. It was around that time when my parents bought my older brother a computer (an 8088 Pravetz 16). Since then I’ve always had a passion about both hardware and software.

 What made you choose VUM?

I chose VUM for my Bachelor’s studies as it was offering a double-degree programme in Software engineering. The convenient schedule with classes on evening times during the week, created specifically for full time workers helped my decision as well.

Was your studies at VUM helpful for your career plans? May you share what you were satisfied the most with (and what not of course)?

The overall quality of the education at VUM impressed me most. All the lecturers that are already recognized IT professionals help keeping a good mix between theoretical knowledge and practice. I liked the friendly and helping atmosphere created by both students and tutors.

Which is the most successful project you have participated in and would like to share? What was your role in it and what challenges did you face while working on it?

Some years ago I worked at Netinfo where I was part of the team responsible for the support and development of the largest Bulgarian free web mail service – This is the largest project in terms of scale and complexity, where I learned a lot both about programming and system administration, gained experience in product management and later on in leading a team.

What inspires you to do this job?

The mere fact that I participate in the creation of a product, service or a software system that is being used by others, sometimes millions of users.

What would you advise the young people who haven’t chosen their career path yet?

Whatever you are interested in, be it arts, medicine, software engineering or anything, always be curious and passionate of what you like. And remember that famous quote: “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

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