One of the newest programmes at Varna University of Management, Software Engineering, has established the university as a leading in the field and as an “incubator” for highly qualified software engineers in just 3 years.

We prepared a series of interviews with graduates and alumni of VUM with the purpose to introduce in detail some of the most successful Software Engineering Programme graduates of Varna University of Management, sharing why they chose this profession, what their VUM student’s time has contributed to their career path and other curious details.

As ladies should be first, we are starting with Ms. Borislava Yordanova, who was awarded her degree just two months ago, however working for more than a year in this field as a .NET developer at Taxback International.

Please, introduce yourself and share with us what you do/where you work now?

My name is Borislava and I am currently working at Taxback International.

What made you choose Software engineering as a profession?

The reason for choosing this profession is my brother who has been programming since he was little.  For me, though, my brother is and has always been my biggest role model, so I wanted to learn to do it as well.

What made you choose VUM?

The reason for choosing Varna University of Management is again my brother. He participated in an IT contest at VUM and was awarded a scholarship voucher by the University. We checked out the VUM website and we found out that there is a Software Engineering Programme with the opportunity to receive a double degree from VUM and Cardiff Metropolitan University. So, it was a great opportunity to receive a high-quality education based on British standards at a reasonable price without the necessity to leave our home country. It appeared possible for me to utilize the voucher instead of my brother who was still at high school at that time.

Were your studies at VUM helpful for your career plans? May you share what you were satisfied the most with (and what not of course)?

The studies here definitely helped me a lot for my current job position, because I had absolutely no experience when I applied to VUM. One of the nicest things is the close contact between students and lecturers. Classes are small and encourage crosscultural dialogue and personal connections. Thus, lecturers can answer all our questions and work personally with every student. They helped me a lot to enter the profession. I would not say there was anything to be dissatisfied with.

Which is the most successful project you have participated in and would like to share? What was your role in it and what challenges did you face while working on it?

Each of the coursework requiring me to work in a team was a challenge. The disputes that had arisen within the groups and that we had learned new things in the process, even the relationships between the participants – all of this was preparing us for the future work environment.

What inspires you to do this job?

The job itself. The writing of a programming code, which you see is working. It is satisfying to observe how the program works and how people are using it.

What would you advise the young people who haven’t chosen their career path yet?

They should ask themselves which profession would make them happy and then dedicate their time to it.

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