Varna University of Management is established in 1996. Through the years it has developed to a comprehensive university with study fields in Tourism, Hospitality, Business, Marketing and Computer Sciences.

As we are celebrating our 22nd year this year, here is our list of 22 reasons to study at our university.

1. Double Degree

Thanks to our double-degree agreements with Cardiff Metropolitan University – United Kingdom, our student graduate with double degrees at the end of their studies; which is recognized as a seal of quality wherever you go. VUM’s and Cardiff Met’s degree is highly respected by employers all around the world.

2. International Environment


Varna University of Management hosts students from nearly 50 countries. – Around thirty percent of students at our university come from foreign countries, You can make friends from all around the world, experience diversity and become acquainted with different countries and expand your horizons.

3. Language of Instruction


All of our degree programmes are offered in English; both at undergraduate (bachelors) and at the graduate (master’s and PHD) degree level.

4. Value for Money


VUM offers a good value for your time and money. Our Bachelor’s programmes cost 1950 EUR per semester, Masters in International Hospitality and Tourism Management programme cost 4950 EUR for entire programme and Master of Business Administration (MBA) costs 5850 EUR for entire programme. Read more about our tuition fees and scholarships here.

5. Scholarships


A university degree at an internationally recognized university can be hard to afford for many ambitious, hard-working and talented prospect students. We, at Varna University of Management, believe that motivation and desire to grow should be encouraged. That is why VUM, in partnership with business owners and entrepreneurs has introduced a number of opportunities such as admissions scholarship, scholarship for excellent results, for extracurricular activities and sports achievements. VUM has also introduced a payment in installments scheme in order to provide as many committed to successful future business leaders and software engineers as possible! No matter what your country, subject or status, you’ll find a scholarship that matches you at VUM!

6. Bachelor’s Degrees


Varna University of Management offers 10 bachelors degrees in fields of Business, Hospitality and Computer Sciences.

Here is the list of bachelor’s degrees offered by VUM;

Business Administration

Marketing and Management

International Finance and Trade

International Business Management

Hospitality Management

Business Information Systems

Software Engineering

Marketing and Management of Tourist Services

Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

7. Master’s Degrees


Varna University of Management offers 2 Master’s degrees,

International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

8. PHD


Varna University of Management offers 1 PHD program in the field of Economy, in cooperation with Economic Research Institute (ERI) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. You can learn more about our PHD program here.

9. Affordable Living Expenses


Bulgaria has the lowest costs of living in the whole European Union region. The cost of food, rent, clothing and social activities are much lower than the European Union average. All you have to do is present your student ID. Also, many concessions are available to you at reduced student prices.

10. Faculty with Real-World Experience


Some of our faculty are still working in their fields as well as teaching; sharing fresh experiences of actual workplace scenarios with their students. Some others come to us with a lifetime of experience, having become leaders in their respective professions.



Varna University of Management is accredited by both Bulgarian Ministry of Education and British Accreditation Council. You can read more about our accreditation here.

12. Small Class Sizes

At VUM, class sizes are small and it allows each student to get personal attention from experienced Professors.

13. European Youth Capital


Varna University of Management has 3 campuses in 3 beautiful cities; Sofia, Dobrich and main campus in Varna. The students who choose to study in Varna study at the official European Youth Capital 2017, an award the city has received from European Youth Forum.

14. Safety and Security


Bulgaria- and, Varna in particular; has very low crime rates and pretty much safe. Just bring your common sense and you can move freely day or night without taking any extra precautions.

15. Culinary Arts Institute


VUM was the first university in Central and Eastern Europe to introduce contemporary Culinary Arts Education 8 years ago. Currently, we are still the only  officially accredited school offering​ a Bachelor Deg​r​ee not only in Culinar​y​ Ar​t​s but​ a Bachelor Degree​ in​ “Hospitality and Culinary Arts”​ taught in English in Cent​r​al and Easter​n​ Europe. ​

Hospitality and Culinary Arts programme is offered in the professional settlement of Culinary Arts Institute at VUM.

An interesting fact is that 95% of the students from the September Intake 2017 in Hospitality and Culinary Arts are going to Michelin Star restaurants, 15% of them will receive experience from Michelin restaurants with 3 stars. This study programme gives students the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs in the world, to acquire valuable experience in high-categorised restaurants, as well as to work in Michelin Star restaurants. The internships (up to 12 months during the education period) are provided with the support of VUM’s Career Center, which could offer the students Michelin internships in countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and others.

16. Robonomics


Among many things that makes Varna University of Management, we are also proud of being the first university in the world that teaches Robonomics- an intersection discipline of robotics and economics. You can make sure that the classes are lots of fun.

17. Blockchain Technologies


As an innovative university, Varna University of Management keeps updating its curricula very often. Starting from this academic year (2018/19) our Software Engineering students will have a new module: blockchain technologies; which is a booming area and a very interesting subject.

On a related note, Varna University of Management also introduced Bitcoin Scholarships which made VUM the first university to offer scholarships in the form of bitcoins.

18. VUM Seminars


Varna University of Management often hosts events and seminars followed by networking events. The subjects are various and always interesting, from Marketing to Employability to Speed Reading.

19. Career Guidance Services


Our career advisors connect with you from the moment you enroll, helping you prepare to enter the workplace. VUM also  organizes annual two international career days for their students where out students and alumni can meet from employers from Bulgaria and abroad.

20. Student Welfare Services


We know that being a student can be hard sometimes. That is why our Student Welfare Department addresses and helps with all non-academic issues of all VUM students. Student Welfare Department provides welfare support to all students throughout their time at Varna University of Management. Our doors are always open and we are happy to provide support, advice and guidance to students. Student Welfare Department works collaboratively on student physical and mental health and welfare issues with all the colleagues in the University, academic and administrative departments.

21. Guaranteed Accommodation


Our students have guaranteed accommodation for the length of their course and the first year of their degree at VUM. Find out more about the accommodation offerings here.

22. Internships


Each VUM student must pass an annual internship (at least 10 weeks) on which a report is being prepared and an assessment of the work carried out by an employer and a lecturer. Over the last 5 years, with the support of the Career Center of the Higher Education Institute, students have had access to over 160 employers (in Europe and abroad, Europe, Asia, North America, South America).

But, do not only take our word from it. Hear from our current students and academics about what it is like to study at Varna University of Management, Bulgaria. Visit https://vum.bg/apply/ to learn more and apply.




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