Information Technology (IT) professions have been in high demand in recent years. This has been witnessed both in Bulgaria and worldwide. Hence, they are rightly called “Professions of the future”. Statistics show that, students who have graduated from such programmes find a good professional realization in the process of their education and as soon as they receive their diplomas. Furthermore, the starting salaries in the sector are much higher than those in other fields which makes this sector extremely attractive and promising for today’s young people.

A striking example of an “incubator” of highly qualified employees in the field of Information Technology is in Varna University of Management. Varna University of Management offers the first of its type in Bulgaria Software Engineering programme, synchronised with the standards of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) – the world’s largest technical professional technology development organization.

Now, the question is, why should I study Software Engineering at Varna University of Management? Well, there are several reasons why studying Software Engineering at Varna University of Management (VUM) is an excellent choice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Firstly, VUM has a reputation for offering high-quality practical education that prepares students for success in their chosen careers. The Software Engineering program is no exception with a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience in real-world Software development projects. In VUM, students are taught by experienced faculty members who have extensive industry experience and are committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this field.

Another advantage of this programme is that it is fully delivered in English and leads to the award of two degrees – one from VUM and a second one from our strategic academic partner, Cardiff Metropolitan University based in the UK.

Moreover, VUM has modern classrooms, computer labs, and other facilities that are equipped with the latest Software and Hardware necessary for the Software Engineering studies. The latest acquisition of VUM – the humanoid robot Profy – is also involved in the training process. The task of the Software Engineering students is to program the humanoid robot in order to express different behaviours in various situations. Their goal is to teach Profy to provide information at the reception, in a restaurant, during various types of events and etc.

Additionally, VUM is also known for its international focus and diverse student body with students from more than 50 countries around the world. This diversity creates a dynamic and vibrant learning environment that allows students to share ideas and perspectives from different cultures and backgrounds. This exposure to different viewpoints and approaches is invaluable in Software Engineering where collaboration and problem-solving skills are essential.

Great advantage of VUM is the strong industry connections and partnerships it has with a range of local and international companies. This provides students with opportunities to participate in internships, attend guest lectures and workshops, and collaborate on real-world Software development projects. This exposure to the industry helps students to develop the skills and expertise they need to succeed in this field and gives them a competitive edge when they enter the job market.

It is no coincidence that the majority of the students in the Software Engineering programme get a job in the field after their first year of education and right after graduation, they occupy strategic or leadership positions.

Obtaining a degree in Software Engineering at VUM gives the opportunity to find professional development in areas such as: design and implementation of Software systems. Graduated students are able to apply in a real work environment the studied contemporary practices and means of specification, design, coding, testing and the implementation of modern programming systems. Therefore, it is without a doubt that, graduated students will be able to work as: Software Engineers, Software developers, Network Administrators and Business Analysts in various organizations and institutions, where they will need to update software systems, take care of network security, and troubleshoot Software issues in the network systems.

Last but not least, VUM is located in the beautiful coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria which provides students with an excellent quality of life and a range of cultural and recreational opportunities. The city is home to a thriving Tech industry and is rapidly becoming a hub for Software development, providing students with access to a range of exciting career opportunities.

To conclude, studying Software Engineering at Varna University of Management is an excellent choice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field. With its practical, hands-on education, diverse student body, industry connections, and excellent quality of life, VUM provides students with everything they need to succeed in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of Software Engineering.

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